The Istrian-venetian culture club "Istria" was founded in 1982 by a group of leading local personalities which included Mario Brazzafolli, Franco Colombo, Giorgio Depangher, Livio Favento, Mario Fragiacomo, Guido Miglia, Pietro Parentin, Livio Pesante, Rino Prelaz, Stelio Spadaro, Liliana Urbani, and Marino Vocci.
Their aim was to promote the rediscovery of the Istrian culture after the dark days of the war and post-war period and the traumas suffered particularly by the Istrian-venetian
The basic idea behind the club was that the suffering of this community (which had been exploited for political reasons and was still very much felt by its members) could be mitigated through the collaboration between those who had left and those who had stayed behind. Such collaboration should have then been extended to include Slovenians and Croatians who were now the two larger groups in the area; it was to be pursued in spite of the new national boundaries which run across Istria. The vision was one of consolidating collaboration with the aim of establishing a multi cultural European macro region which would extend seamlessly from Cherso to Carso (from the southern Istrian islands of the Adriatic to the Carso region across Italy and Slovenia).


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